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Top Canadian iPhone app to make healthier choices and connect with your favorite brands.


Portalife Solutions is the Vancouver BC based developer of top Canadian nutrition consumer app, Carrotlines™ and updated version, Carrotlines powered by Tommy Europe™. Founded by BC entrepreneur Wahiba Chair, the company originally created an iPhone application that used the barcode on food labels to help Canadians choose food brands that match their nutrition needs. The partnership with Slice TV host of “Bulging Brides” and “Last Ten Pounds Bootcamp”, Tommy Europe adds nutritional profiles created by the well known Canadian fitness trainer plus exclusive fitness and nutrition video content. Carrotlines works with food brands not only to ensure their products are listed within the application but also to use the Carrotlines app as a marketing platform to feature their brand and products to Carrotlines users and across the extensive Carrotlines social media community.

Located at the Wavefront National Centre of Excellence, PortaLife Solutions Inc. is privately funded and been receiving non repayable financial contributions from the National Research Council Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP).

We are passionate about making you fit, healthy, and happy!