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Top Canadian iPhone app to make healthier choices and connect with your favorite brands.

Did you know over 50% of consumers check food product information on their smartphones before deciding to buy?

Affordable option to promote your brand on Canada’s top iPhone consumer nutrition app

Key Benefits

  • Increase brand visibility to highly targeted and self identified markets
  • Mobile ready promotions without investing in your own app
  • Send deals and coupons directly to your target on their iPhones
  • Educate consumers about your full product line
  • Drive shoppers to recipes, social networks and online store
  • Leverage CarrotLines' large social media community and online network
  • Improve purchase intent through customized profile matching

Plans and Pricing

The Carrotlines mobility solution includes a suite of features that can help you reach your marketing goals by connecting you with a targeted community of shoppers looking for brand information.

Pricing varies according to which promotional features you choose and the number of products in your brand. We have packages for every budget. Sign up now to secure mobile ready promotion for your brand!

How does it work?

  • Jenny discovers your brand through "Healthy Picks"
  • Jenny scans your product in store
  • Jenny finds your product is a perfect match
  • Jenny buys your product

Did you know?

  • Over 50% of consumers are confused about what the right choice is
  • 80% of purchasing decisions are made before entering the store
  • Over 50% of consumers check for product information on their smartphones before deciding to buy 
  • Brands that do not offer an interactive experience will be ignored

CarrotLines is the mobile standard for matching your products with today's most informed eaters.

We offer food brands a unique opportunity to engage with a highly targeted consumer market that is mobile and health savvy. Through CarrotLines' interactive social platform, brands can easily keep consumers informed but also entice them with their latest recipes, deals, and giveaways - all at their fingertips.

We simply help you close the loop between product packaging and online world!


What our customers are saying

Claudia Howard

VP Marketing, Holy Crap Cereal

"The CarrotLines app is so easy to use. We love how each shopper sets up their own profile to display the nutritional facts about a product that are important to them."

Darren Mahaffy

VP, Marketing, Nature's Path

"We are delighted to partner with another company that stands for transparency in the grocery aisle"

Toby Davidon


"We have been working with CarrotLines since early 2011. Their app has been a tremendous opportunity for us to create more engagement with targeted consumers, build awareness about our products, and showcase our brand as a category leader in innovation within the frozen vegetable category. As a supplement to shelf placement, this type of cost effective app helps us stand out and be noticed!”

Kalpna Solanki

Founder and President, FX-Foods

"As a young brand with interest in social media, we are always on the look out for effective and innovative marketing channels to reach our consumers.  Since signing up with the CarrotLines platform just a little over a year ago we have been able to increase our reach to health conscious shoppers. As well, by leveraging additional CarrotLines services such as event sponsorships, contests, and other cross-promotions, we have been able to increase our brand awareness and social media engagement. I would highly recommend the CarrotLines app for any brand looking to increase its digital and social media presence cost effectively."