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Top Canadian iPhone app to make healthier choices and connect with your favorite brands.

CarrotLines FAQ



Why do I need to register?

This allows us to remember who you are! By registering you also become a member of the CarrotLines community which has its perks. These include:
o Access to our large foods database with unlimited searches and scans
o Access to exclusive content by Tommy Europe
o Access to exclusive deals, offers, giveaways, recipes and other content
o Exclusive access and discounts to our partners events such as The Health Shows

What is Carrotlines all about?

-CarrotLines is a free iPhone app that helps you make healthier choices faster by scanning the barcode of a product and finding out if it meets your profile.

Can Carrotlines help me lose weight?

Carrotlines can assist you in choosing healthier foods that are consistent with your diet and lifestyle. This special release with Tommy Europe also has content such as fitness and nutrition tips and videos that should assist you in losing weight (if that is your goal)

It would be really cool if CarrotLines could …or report a problem

We love to hear your thoughts on future features! Send feedback from the “About” page or tweet us your thoughts/post on our Facebook page.

What can I search for?

-You can search for specific products or you can search specific attributes e.g. ‘vegan oatmeal’ or ‘whole wheat bread’ etc.

How do I delete products from my shopping list?

-Swipe the item to delete or select edit.


Where do you get your product information?

We obtain our product information from a variety of sources including from our retail and brand partners.

How do I suggest products to put in your database?

After scanning a product if it does not show up you can take photos of the product packaging to help us add it to our database.

I submitted product pictures but you still haven’t added the product to the database.

Please be patient! If you can imagine, there is a very large number of foods across all Canadian stores. We are constantly adding new products into the database.

Why is the information on the food label different from what shows up in the app?

There are several reasons why this might occur. Manufacturers often change the packaging, food label and ingredients as they improve their products or change the serving or packaging sizes. If the cause of this is the serving size, then the CarrotLines numbers should be correct and directly proportionate to the change in serving size.

Why am I seeing question marks instead of checkmarks?

A question marks means we are unsure of the product information. Please make sure to read the label in situations like these.

Why do some brands do not have contact information?

We are working hard to make sure information is complete, up-to-date and accurate. To recommend specific brands, e-mail us!


What is an attribute?

An attribute is a characteristic a product or brand has relating to health, allergens, or other factors which may be important to you, which allows you to determine whether or not a product meets your profile. For example an attribute could be low in fat, organic, or non-GMO, or nut free.

The recommended profiles are designed by Tommy Europe with specific attributes to help you achieve the outcome based on your health goals. You can edit a recommended profile to add and or delete any attribute(s). You can also re-set to a recommended profile anytime, so don’t worry if you change it!

Click the “Reset” button after you open one of the recommended profiles.

Is my profile shared with anyone?

Currently, only you can see your profile.

What is high/low?

Claims on food packages can be confusing. In CarrotLines, we follow Health Canada’s Quick Guide to % DVs. In general, 5% or less is low; 15% or more is high. This always pertains to one serving. Low/high can be good/bad depending on the foods. For example, high in fibre is “good” but high in saturated fats is “bad”. Note that calories, sugar and protein do not have %DVs and hence no high/low. Learn more on the Health Canada website at

Why are some items high/low and others I can set a value?

If you look at a food label, you will notice that everything but calories, sugar and protein has a %DV (%DV is optional for Cholesterol).

What if I don’t care about an attribute?

If the attribute does not matter to you, leave it unchecked.

I don’t find any products that meet my profile

If you cannot find any products that meet your profile, you may want to make your profile less restrictive and try scanning/browsing/searching again.

What’s the difference between ‘product details’ and ‘meets profile’?

‘Product details’ displays the detailed information of a particular product, whereas, ‘meets profile’ determines whether or not the product meets the requirements of your current profile.


What can I scan?

You can scan any Canadian food product with a UPC barcode. If the product does not scan, help us out by taking some photos when prompted so we can add it to our database!

Where can I scan products?

You can use Carrotlines to scan Canadian food products wherever you are in Canada, both at home and in most Canadian stores.

I don’t find many products when I scan!

Please be patient! We are constantly adding new products into the database. Perhaps try different supermarkets in your area.

How do I view my scanning history?

You can access this through the main drawer of the app; note that only products scanned and successfully retrieved will be listed.