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Top Canadian iPhone app to make healthier choices and connect with your favorite brands.

The Food Wiki serves up the largest public source of food product information in Canada

The Food Wiki serves up the largest public source of food product information in Canada

Carrotlines launches online food product search engine and sharing community at
Social Media Camp 2013.


May 2, 2013, Vancouver, BC – Portalife Solutions Inc, creator of Carrotlines powered by Tommy Europe™, a healthy eating iPhone app for Canadians, has launched The Food Wiki, an online search engine and community site where today’s most informed eaters can get in-depth product information and connect with food brands available across the Canadian marketplace.

The Food Wiki is the only Canadian site of its kind, listing over 40,000 products and 2,000 brands, making it the largest public source of food product information for Canadian consumers. PortaLife Solutions will officially launch The Food Wiki at Social Media Camp and will discuss the website features at the Social Showcase Wednesday, May 8 at 11 a.m. in the Colwood Room at the Victoria Conference Centre.

 “Carrotlines Powered by Tommy Europe was designed to help Canadians break through food label confusion by making it easy to apply food product information to their personal nutritional profile and goals plus provide fitness and nutritional content from Tommy Europe. The Food Wiki expands on our Carrotlines iPhone application for consumers who don’t necessarily have an iPhone and want to search and browse from anywhere” says Wahiba Chair, CEO of PortaLife Solutions. “Users can search by keywords and then share their experiences. The Food Wiki information combined with social sharing keeps the content current and relevant and increases consumer confidence about which food products are best for them.”

In 2012, the Nielsen Global Survey of Food Labeling Trends Study reported consumer demand for user friendly nutritional labeling and easy to understand information combined with a need for more healthy food options created an opportunity for food marketers. The Food Wiki connects users to food brands on an innovative third party website that allows brands to review consumer feedback and comments.  Site users are encouraged to share thoughts about the foods they tried to help others make better choices, relying not only on information provided by the brand but also from the community

The Food Wiki features a full nutrition label, product attributes, certifications, potential allergens and country of origin information for the products listed. Site users can connect with the brand and manufacturer via websites, and social media, discover recipes, coupons, related products, store locations as well as order online when the manufacturer makes that option available.

There is no need to sign up to use The Food Wiki; however, joining The Food Wiki community allows user access to social networking and sharing plus access to exclusive content, deals and special offers from food, health and fitness partners. The Food Wiki site is mobile friendly making it easily accessible to anyone on the go, on any platform.

Registered users of the CarrotLines Powered by Tommy Europe ™ iPhone app will be able to log-in using the same account information. For more information visit

About Portalife Solutions Inc.

Portalife Solutions is the Vancouver BC based developer of top Canadian nutrition consumer app, Carrotlines™ and updated version, Carrotlines powered by Tommy Europe™.  Founded in 2010, by Wahiba Chair, the company originally created an iPhone application that uses the barcode on food labels to help Canadians choose food brands that match their nutrition needs. The partnership with Slice TV host of Bulging Brides and Last Ten Pounds Bootcamp, Tommy Europe adds nutritional profiles created by the well known Canadian fitness trainer plus exclusive fitness and nutrition video content. Carrotlines works with food brands not only to ensure their products are listed within the application but also to use the Carrotlines app as a marketing platform to feature their brand and products to Carrotlines users and across the extensive Carrotlines social media community. In May of 2013, PortaLife Solutions Inc. launched The Food Wiki, the largest source of food product information and community for Canadian consumers. CarrotLines has garnered serious media attention including on CNN, City TV, BNN, CBC, Radio Canada, The National Post, Business in Vancouver and The Vancouver Sun. For more information visit or follow CarrotLines on Twitter and Facebook for the latest in health and fitness.

About Carrotlines powered by Tommy Europe™

The Carrotlines powered by Tommy Europe iPhone application allows users to set a personal profile based on food goals they care about like nutrition, allergies or sensitivities or lifestyle goals. Users can choose one of Tommy Europe’s recommended profiles or create their own based on 40 attributes like low in fat, gluten free, vegan, non genetically modified or made in Canada to find a perfect match to their profile needs in a database of over 40,000 grocery food products.

Carrotlines powered by Tommy Europe can be downloaded FREE from the Canadian App Store at


Sample Tweets:

Contribute @TheFoodWiki – data on 40,000+ products & 2000 brands via @CarrotLines. Share your experiences. #health

#DidYouKnow @TheFoodWiki has largest source of food product data 4 Canadians? Join community & let’s get talking!

Note to editors: High resolution images of Wahiba Chair, Tommy Europe along with images of The Food Wiki website, Carrotlines Powered by Tommy Europe iPhone app and sample videos are available.

Media Contacts:

Send your inquiries to: media(at)carrotlines(dot)com | 778-331-2009

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  1. Great news!!!!! This new site, that bridges the gap between the supplier and the consumer, will help us make very informed food choices.

    • Thank you, Lilah! We really appreciate your kind feedback :) #CarrotLove

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