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Are you also loving this weather? So Springy! Summer is just around the corner (already!), and we can finally get rid of those layers of clothes, scarves, and hats that we’ve been carrying around… If that’s not the *only* thing you’ve been carrying around, and you’ve been meaning to get in shape and into a healthier regimen, then we have the perfect challenge for you!

60-day challenge Cover image

Our very own Tommy Europe, host of “The last 10 lbs” and “Bulging Brides,” has put together this 60 day challenge to help you jump start your health and fitness goals and get a whole new YOU! We all know that the hardest things is just getting started, so perhaps having a Master trainer and community to keep us accountable will make it a bit easier?

In addition to having Tommy guide you along the way, you will have an opportunity to compete with other Shredders for a Grand Prize valued at over $1,500! But no matter what, by participating in this challenge, you will WIN! You will loose a few extra lbs (how much is up to how hard you work!), learn healthier eating habits, feel better, have more energy, and discover a whole new community to keep you going.  

Interested in participating? Learn more below…Good Luck Shredders!


How does it work?

The challenge will launch on Wednesday May 1st 2013; with weigh-in #1.  On this day you will record your weight and measurements into the SHRED™ Log on the 4 Weeks to a New You dashboard.

You will then be provided with exercise and nutrition guidelines to help you transform your body! There will be a total of six (6) Weigh-Ins during the challenge, and you are responsible for logging your details.

The final weigh-in will occur on Saturday June 29th, and all entries must be in by Sunday June 30th at 6pm PST. The person with the most points at the end of the Tommy Europe 60-Day SHREDchallenge will be deemed the Grand Prize winner, and will be announced on Tuesday, July 2nd 2013.

To be eligible for the Grand Prize you must submit your entries & complete the form by May 15th 2013

What’s in it for me?

Good question! By participating, and busting your butt in the Tommy Europe 60-Day SHREDchallenge, you will LOSE Inches + Pounds, and GAIN strength + tone + energy, while at the same time UPgrading your fitness in a total body transformation!

Plus… YOU could be the Grand Prize Winner of the Tommy Europe 60-Day SHREDchallenge, which along with some amazing prizes, also includes some 1-on-1 time with Tommy Europe!!  

How does it work?

The Tommy Europe 60-Day SHREDchallenge will be broken up into 2 phases, for the first phase everyone will be required to use Tommy’s 4 Weeks to a New You training plan**. For Phase 2 Tommy will provide you with workouts and daily encouragement using his VIP SHRED Online training program.

** SAVE 40% off your purchase of “4 Weeks to a New You” (expires May 5th), please use the discount code: TE60 at checkout, and if you’ve already purchased 4 Weeks to a New You, you are eligible too, just send submit the completed form. **

How are Points earned?

  • 20 points for every pound or inch lost
  • 15 points for posting an image
  • 15 points for every logged day of exercise (30-minutes or more)
  •  5  bonus points for posting before, or after your training session.
  •  5  points for EVERY Twitter Post (Use the hash tag #TE60daySHREDchallenge)
  •  5  points for EVERY RT or Share on social media

Can I earn bonus points?

Yes! you earn 20 points for every video testimonial (include some clips of you working out) or for doing something original & unique! 

Are there any criteria for entering the challenge?

You should be in a position where you need to lose at least 10 pounds or more. Our intentions are that this challenge will help you reach for YOUR best, and not be an initiative that has a negative effect on self-esteem and body image. All of the expectations of the challenge are designed to improve overall health and fitness and are not short-term, quick-fixes.

The benefit of the Tommy Europe 60-Day SHREDchallenge is that it will provide you the guidance, motivation, and accountability to jump-start your program and help you SHRED any excess weight, just in time for summer! 

If you have any questions or concerns or just need a motivational boost, just ask it in the 60-Day SHREDchallenge group in the SHREDDER Community forum!

What is the Grand Prize?

  • LIVE 1-on-1 session with Tommy ( Valued at $600)
  • 6 months of CUSTOM online training (VIP ELITE SHRED) and programming from Tommy (Valued at $650)
  • Whey Gourmet gift basket (filled with healthy treats valued at $300)
  • A few special gifts from Tommy! (PRICELESS!!)

How to Enter

  1. Submit your entries for the 60 Day Challenge by May 15th 2013                                                                       
  2. Purchase (Please use the discount code: TE60 at checkout   *current members just log-in and input your details in the SHREDlog* 
  3. Bring your “A” game, and get ready to have fun!
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